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a stronger you is unstoppable

a science based strength workout

1on1 and small group personalised training

30 Minutes - Macro Of An Analog Chrome K


 just two 30 minute workouts a week

Blue DNA structure isolated background.

science based

supported by over 60 years of scientific research

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results guaranteed following our advice and guidelines


stop wasting time at the gym and achieve your goals faster

benefits of training with lifefit

Wall Clock

save time

reduce the amount of time you spend compared to conventional training to 30 minutes a week


improved confidence

improved body shape and muscle to fat ratio

grungy heart beat.jpg

reduced blood pressure

reduced stress levels, improved bone health and improved conditions such as diabetes


improve muscle tone

increased metabolic rate together with fat reduction

young sport man with strong athletic leg

resistance to injury

assists with preventing slips and falls together with enhanced flexibility


improved cardio function

increased energy levels, reduced muscle tension and improved sleep

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