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Address:    64 Upper St James Street


                BN2 1PJ

Tel:           07855 850 733

Email:       hello@lifefit.me

Session Availabilty

Monday          6.00am to 9.00pm

Tuesday           6.00am to 9.00pm

Wednesday     6.00am to 9.00pm

Thursday         6.00am to 9.00pm

Friday             6.00am to 9.00pm

Saturday         7.00am to 5.00pm

Sunday           Closed

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what we offer

lifefit provides slow motion high intensity strength training to the people of Brighton and Hove. With  only one 30 minute slow motion strength session per week you will see your body build strength, burn fat and develop muscles faster by extending the time your muscles are working during each exercise. Slow motion strength training is suitable for all ages and has been known to help with chronic pain and stubborn injuries.

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benefits of training with lifefit

save time

reduce the amount of time you spend compared to conventional training to 30 minutes a week

improved confidence

improved body shape and muscle to fat ratio

reduced blood pressure

reduced stress levels, improved bone health and improved conditions such as diabetes

improve muscle tone

increased metabolic rate together with fat reduction

resistance to injury

assists with preventing slips and falls together with enhanced flexibility

improved cardio function

increased energy levels, reduced muscle tension and improved sleep

Vincent Van Gogh

"Great things are done by a series of small things bought together."