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Corporate Fitness Solutions

The importance of staff health and wellbeing is more important than ever before. With longer working hours and a more competitive work place, there is less time for people to get and remain fit and healthy. All of the lifeFIT solutions can be completed either at the desk or in a small room.

The benefits of a healthy work force are well documented;

- Better sleep

- Less stress

- Less sick days

- Better posture

- Happier staff

- More productive

lifeFIT offers a range of corporate fitness and lifestyle solutions;

1. Lifestyle consultations

    a. Blood pressure

    b. Fitness test

    c. Nutritional assessment

    d. Exercise prescription

    e. Posture assessment

2. Small Group Personal Training

3. Executive Personal Training


4. Small Group Circuit Training

5. Pilates Classes

To discuss the health and future of your work force contact lifeFIT today.

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