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an intimate and fully equipped gym in Brighton providing slow motion strength training.

personal training

Get fitter and healthier in just 30 minutes a week with lifefit personal training gym in Brighton.

Our slow motion strength training focuses on training smarter not harder or longer. We'll change the way you workout forever. Supported by 60 years of scientific research, you will receive a full body workout tailored to your specific needs.

We track your progress at each session and work hard to keep you motivated and on track. You'll feel the difference after three to five sessions.


small group training

Working with a maximum of 3 people in each session.

Each session includes 8-12 exercises.

Each work out is tracked and we keep you motivated throughout.

Get the results you want in just two 30 minute sessions a week.

View the group timetable here.


Three attractive young women talking a w

Walking Fitness

Walking is what we are designed to do. It is mediatational, motivational, burns fat and makes you feel great.


Most importantly almost everyone can WALK!


Join our Walking Fitness Groups 

Wednesday 10.30am

Saturday 10.30am

Meet at the studio in Kemptown

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