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How to exercise

It can be difficult to remember why we exercise, but generally it is too feel a bit better about ourselves, unless you have a specific goal such as a 5k. To exercise safely is vital, which is why at LIFEFIT we advocate the slow motion training and none of the high impact exercise so many people get injured from. You then need to remember what it is that makes the muscles need to change, and that point is what we call muscular failure, or the point where you can't do any more. This means pushing through the muscular discomfort you feel while performing the exercise and pushing until your muscle can't do any more rather than your brain thinking stop because your muscles are experiencing some discomfort. 

You need to be able to distinguish between muscular discomfort and pain. Pain is not good and you should seek medical advice. Muscular discomfort, well, that's just something you will learn to have a love hate relationship with. 

Here is the advice on getting the most out of your time exercising....

Plan the day and time you are going to exercise, and put it in your diary. This helps to ensure you mentally prepared for the exercise.

Have a plan for your workout. This means you are not wasting time at the gym, at home or at the park.

Keep it brief, no more than 30 minutes.

Keep it safe. If you are injured you can not train, you can not play. Injury is not a consequence of working hard, injury is a consequence of poor technique.

Each excercise should last between 1 and 3 minutes. If you can't complete the exercise for a minute, the resistance level needs to be reduced. If you last more than 3 minutes then weight needs to be increased.

Each repetition should last between 8-16 seconds.

Work with in the maximum range of motion. This means keeping joints slightly bent when limbs are extended. This keeps the muscle under tension during the exercise.

Keep the movement smooth and continuous for the entire exercise.

Watch some of the videos and ask us if you have any questions.

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