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What makes us go from being chilled out and being prepared for eating a salad to stuffing our faces with maltesers?

A trigger is something that happens that causes a reaction. Typically with in eating terms this is a stress related incident that causes eating either too much or making an unhealthy choice.

Here are some of the most common triggers and possible solutions. All of which are much easier to read than do, but as Vic says "Trying is Achieving"

Lack of self worth

Regardless of determination, necessity, the importance of achieving a goal - some of us have an over whelming belief that no matter how much you want this you can't do it. This leads to thoughts such as:

"Things like that don't happen to me"

"You're not good enough to do it"

"I'm useless"

So when you wonder off your path, doubts set in, leading into a vicious circle of self sabotage.

Trying is achieving

Changing our mindset is so easy to say and so hard to do. It will not happen over night. It will be hard. Really hard.

It is definitly a challenge that will take time, effort and energy. It will also require determination, committment perservernace and resilience. Together we can support each other to make the changes we need to make to get there.


Unpleasant Emotions

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