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Why weight loss is not your goal - Genetics part 1

As we enter the festive season and over indulgence is upon us, even more so than normal. I have written a few things to help people understand why weight loss should not be your goal, even though it always will be. But hopefully these posts will give some insight into how our bodies work and will encourage people to focus on being healthier.

So here is the first of five and I'll look at genetics.....

Genetics define us from everything we see and everything we can’t. As an example, Paula Radcliffe was genetically brilliant for long distance running and if she’d wanted to be a 100m sprinter then it would have been unlikely she’d have achieved the same level of success. The same goes for Usain Bolt and sprinting, if he'd wanted to be a marathon runner his success would probably have been limited.

So inside us not only are our muscle types defined by genetics but also our hormone levels and everything else that is going on. This is why some people have IBS or some can tolerate gluten etc. So if we follow this path it is logical to expect our response to exercise will also be different. So with in that frame work your level of success is defined by your genes. This doesn’t mean don’t try, but aim to be a healthier you rather than an elite athlete. Follow our slow motion fitness programme once or twice a week and eat as healthily as you can.

The next post will be about the dreaded CALORIE........

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