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I don't count calories

I'm not always the best personal trainer: I skip workouts; my PT hates me when I have a hissy fit because it hurts; I eat ice cream and chocolate - and not just a little, but a lot. Vic, my PT, partner in crime and fellow food addict, loves the fact that I tell her when the cake in the coffee shop is talking to me. She hates it when she's trying to ignore the voices as well.

During a class this week, I confessed to eating 6 cornettos for my dinner. I might add this is not my normal evening dinner, but the wife and kids were away, I'd got back late and the fridge was empty;, the fruit bowl was ignored. I opened the freezer and to my surprise there was a full pack of cornettos in there. I thought, ‘That will do nicely’ .I did, of course, try and kid myself that I would eat one or two at most, but 5 minutes later and an empty packet of ice creams - I'm feeling guilty and fat.

My confession of eating 6 cornettos is to let you know we all struggle with eating. It’s in our genes to shovel food down our faces. Imagine you were a caveman, technically you probably still are, and you came across a field of strawberries, you'd gorge on them until there were none left or you couldn't eat any more. This is because you wouldn't know when you would eat again or if someone or something else was going to come along and steal your precious energy. This is why the pack of biscuits in the cupboard is never safe, unless you have iron will- power.

Anyway, do I even have a point? Yes, well sort of. I always say just eat less. However you manage to do it, no sugar, no booze, no carbs or fasting. Almost everything you put into your mouth has an energy value and your body's process for too much energy is to store it as fat. If you eat less energy than you need then your body uses your fat energy to make up the shortfall. Nowadays we tend to see this as an instant process, but it's not. It takes time.

There are of course other factors for consideration, genetics, hormones, gender and injury to name a few, so my simplified version is, well, simplified. But do I really feel bad about stuffing my face with 6 cornettos? Well just a little, but I know I'll be better this week - this month. This is an isolated incident over a 6- month period where in total I've reduced my body fat percentage from 26 to 20%, through reducing my overall energy intake – combined with having excellent slow motion PT with Vic.

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