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You need to know this

Whatever you do you need to know this……………..

Muscles work on this basis

And it doesn’t matter if you are into cardio or strength training the process for your muscles is the same. If you remove the stimulus part, this the exercise bit if you were struggling to work that out, then the rest falls down. You end up in a continual rest period with not enough stimulation for your muscles to want to change.

So if you create a small stimulus you have to repeat the exercise throughout the week. But if you can give your muscles a controlled slow motion focused stimulus, you can spend the rest of the week drinking coffee. Ok, so that’s my choice, but you can do as you please.

We never say “Don’t do anything else”. Lots of people do other activities that compliment slow motion strength training. Pilates, yoga, swimming and some people even run. I’ll get onto why you shouldn’t have high impact activities, such as running, in your life in a future blog. But back to the most beneficial exercise you can do with your time….slow motion strength training!

You can create the right stimulus using slow motion strength training to get the changes in your muscles you want;

  1. More energy

  2. Improved posture

  3. Increased muscle tone

  4. Better co-ordination

  5. Improved sleep

  6. Improved confidence

  7. Increased cardiovascular system

So what have you got to lose, give slow motion strength training a go with a free taster session. The classes are 30 minutes long and you will exercise for about 16 minutes during that time.

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