Meet The Team


Ben Brumfit

Good advice, fun, passion and  motivation are key to making the lifestyle changes in your life.  All are key to the philosophy at lifeFIT.


A former Royal Marine and ultra distance runner I have mastered the training techniques and discipline necessary to keep in peak physical condition.


I now dedicate my passion and expertise in supporting others to achieve their health & fitness goals. I have a flexible approach to training as everyone is different and enjoy different activities. Able to deliver a wide range of workouts from stomach flattening core stability to a high intensity knee wobbling session.  


Always keeping my clients motivated  and  positive to stay on track for their health & fitness goals. No matter what your needs, I will ensure you exceed them.

Vic Elsey

I had been fat and unfit for 45 years. Eventually I tackled the fat and lost 5 stone. I ignorantly assumed this made me fit. I felt so much healthier after all.

It wasn't until I met Ben that I realised they were too entirely different things. I had my first exercise class at 48, I have never looked back.

I have suffered with severe depression since I was 18, the positive effect of doing 2 slow motion sessions each week has been priceless. It is such a vital part of my well being now that I've turned up in plaster, on crutches, during some dark, dark times, and yet, without fail, always leave feeling lifted.

I want others to feel the benefits of slow motion exercise too. Not just the physical side, but the mental health benefits as well. I know it can be difficult to try, but once you have you won't look back.


We are looking for an experienced personal trainer to join our team and change the lives of the people of Brighton and Hove.