Vic Elsey exercising on shoulder press machine in LifeFIT studio, Brighton Personal Trainer, LifeFIT gym Brighton

Vic Elsey

Personal Trainer
Trainer Bio

I am Vic, a LifeFIT Brighton Personal Trainer.

I had been fat and unfit for 45 years. Eventually, I tackled the fat and lost 5 stone. I ignorantly assumed this made me fit. I felt so much healthier after all. It wasn’t until I met Ben that I realized they were two entirely different things. I had my first exercise class at 48, I have never looked back.

I have suffered from severe depression since I was 18, the positive effect of doing 2 slow motion sessions each week has been priceless. It is such a vital part of my well being now that I’ve turned up in plaster, on crutches, during some dark, dark times, and yet, without fail, always leave feeling lifted.

I want others to feel the benefits of slow-motion exercise too. Not just the physical side, but the mental health benefits as well. I know it can be difficult to try, but once you have you won’t look back.

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