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Parul, Hove

Working full time and having a young child meant I found it really difficult to keep fit. But the shorter sessions with Ben are perfect. I have been able to commit to and he always manages to make them fun. I am actually enjoying getting fit too!!

Laura, Hove

I had never worked out with a personal trainer before, and having recently had a baby I wasn't feeling particularly fit or strong. Ben was a ble to help me find my physical limit to work to so I got the best out of myself without over doing it. I trust Ben implicitly to help me push that limit in a safe but challenging way. I really enjoy being able to work out in different venues at times that work around me and my family.

Trudi, Hove

Training with lifeFIT - its not easy, but the 30 minute sessions make it achievable. I can really feel my body strengthening and an added bonus is my 5 year old joins in too - making it very convenient. Lots of laughter too between all the hard work.

Jackie, Brighton

Just done an ARX session with Ben and totally loved. Ben has also been working with a group of us, who have either never regularly trained or haven't for a long while, to do resistance circuits and he has been amazing at keeping us all motivated and engaged. Completely recommend LifeFit so much so I can't see this ending ���

Vic E., Brighton

As a 13 stone, 48yr old woman who's never done any form of 'fitness program' before, not only have I ...........
Just completed my first eight weeks of resistance circuit training with Ben, I've also......
With Ben, there is
NO judgement,
NO assumptions,
NO lectures.
With Ben, there is just smiles, support, encouragement and laughter.

Vic C., Brighton

Have been doing resistance training and ARX training once a week for a few weeks now with Ben, thought I would just encourage anyone who is reading this to give it a go... more to the point give Ben a go. He is excellent! He is encouraging, patient, supportive and motivating. I have a knee condition that I was born with, and Ben is always making sure that what I am doing is not effecting the knee. He makes sure that I can't injury my self. While still pushing and encouraging me to do the best I can...even when I don't think I can do any more.

Fi, Brighton

I've had a couple of ARX sessions to date plus some weekly group resistance training with Ben. Already in just 6 weeks I feel so much stronger... (to be honest I didn't know my own strength until I stepped on the ARX machine!) Ben is a brilliant trainer, super motivating, knows when to push you (and how hard) but will have a laugh too!

Wendy, Brighton

I've just finished 8 weeks of resistance circuit training and have done 3 ARX Sessions with Ben. In that short space of time there is a visible difference in my shape and am definitely toning up and can feel my strength and stamina have come on in leaps and bounds. I'm loving every minute of it. Ben is patient, supportive, knows when to push you and is committed to helping you reach your goals. I've belonged to 2 Gyms and this type of exercise is by far the best with the best Trainer.

Andrea, Brighton

Never been a great fan of exercise if I'm honest. A bit of Zumba here & there was fun but nothing I got really into & felt was beneficial.
I was given the opportunity to try the ARX machine & feeling just how much it makes you work & the satisfying ache in your muscles days after, from what is essentially 8 or so minutes of hard work, won me over!
Can't wait for the next session. Already seeing improvements in my shape & strength. Highly recommended form of beneficial exercise!!!
Ben is friendly, non judgemental & knows how far he can push you!
Really pleased this has found its way into my life! Thanks Ben!

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